Company Profile for 22nd Century Group, Inc.

Founded in 1998, 22nd Century Limited, LLC (22nd Century) is a plant biotechnology company whose proprietary technology allows for the level of nicotine (and other nicotinic alkaloids) in the tobacco plant to be decreased or increased through genetic engineering and breeding. The company owns or exclusively controls 98 issued patents in 79 countries where at least 75% of the world's smokers reside. 22nd Century is committed to developing and commercializing (i) the world's most effective and acceptable smoking cessation aid and (ii) for those smokers who refuse to quit smoking, consumer-acceptable modified risk tobacco products that reduce exposure to smoke toxins compared to conventional cigarettes. Through a merger on January 25, 2011, 22nd Century became a wholly-owned subsidiary of 22nd Century Group, Inc. Goodrich Tobacco Company is a subsidiary of 22nd Century.

Company:                  22nd Century Group, Inc.

Headquarters Address:     Williamsville, New York

                          Williamsville, NY 14221

Main Telephone:           716-270-1523


Ticker/ISIN:              XXII(OTCBB)/US90137F1030

Type of Organization:     Public

Industry:                 Biotechnology

Earnings Release Dates:   1st Quarter: May 25, 2011

                          2nd Quarter: August 25, 2011

                          3rd Quarter: November 25, 2011

                          4th Quarter: March 15, 2012

Key Executives:           CEO: Joseph Pandolfino

                          President: Henry Sicignano III

                          VP of R&D: Michael Moynihan


Contact:                  Joseph Pandolfino

Phone:                    716-270-1523



Contact:                  C. Anthony Rider

Phone:                    716-270-1523


    Source: 22nd Century Group, Inc.