22nd Century was chosen by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to supply our proprietary and unique SPECTRUM® research cigarettes for independent scientific clinical studies funded by U.S. federal government agencies.  The main SPECTRUM® product line consists of a series of cigarette styles that have a fixed “tar” yield, but varying nicotine yields over a 50-fold range – from very low to high. Altogether, our SPECTRUM® research cigarettes feature 24 styles, 11 regular and 13 menthol versions, with 8 different levels of nicotine content. SPECTRUM® is strictly for research purposes and is not sold as a commercial cigarette.

To date, 22nd Century has delivered over 28 million SPECTRUM® research cigarettes for more than 100 independent scientific clinical studies funded by numerous agencies of the U.S. federal government.

Without SPECTRUM® cigarettes, many important research projects investigating the exposure and behavioral effects of different nicotine levels in cigarettes would simply be impossible to conduct. A list of selected studies conducted using 22nd Century’s SPECTRUM® research cigarettes can be found here.