Spectrum-webThe National Institute on Drug Abuse (“NIDA”), a component of the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”), provides the scientific community with controlled and uncontrolled research chemicals and drug compounds in its Drug Supply Program. In 2009, NIDA included an option to develop and produce research cigarettes with different levels of nicotine, including a minimal (placebo) level, in its request for proposals for a five (5)-year contract for Preparation and Distribution of Research and Drug Products. 22nd Century has agreed, as a subcontractor to RTI International (“RTI”) pursuant to RTI’s contract with NIDA, to supply modified nicotine cigarettes (8 different nicotine levels from very low to high encompassing 24 brand styles with 12 different tar yields in both regular and menthol) to NIDA. In August 2010, 22nd Century met with officials from RTI, NIDA, FDA, the National Cancer Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to finalize certain aspects of the design of these research cigarettes. These research cigarettes are distributed under the mark SPECTRUM.

22nd Century receives many requests, including from parties in various countries around the world, for cigarettes with varying nicotine levels. 22nd Century only supplies SPECTRUM to RTI International, however, the company can supply other cigarettes with virtually any requested nicotine content level (from very low, approximately 0.50 mg per cigarette to high, approximately 30 mg per cigarette). If you are an accredited research organization interested in learning more about SPECTRUM cigarettes, please click on “Contact Us” and a company representative will respond to your inquiry. For immediate assistance, please telephone the company.